Monday, July 30, 2007

The Horses Last Week

The kids were riding again last week, and their lesson was so good! LOL

The night before we went over to brush the horses. It's not all about playing with them. Really it's not. I enjoy brushing the horses almost as much as riding them. it's nice quiet time.

Rebel and Genie were having a nice little snack. It was late in the evening anyway, and getting dark out.

The girls had a little lesson in Mane Pulling. Im not really sure there's a good way to do that anyway lol but it's a time consuming thing.

Rebel was just trying to eat his hay in peace.

And Genie was not too impressed with being bothered while she was supposed to be resting. She'd had a hard day with a hot lesson and all.

Next thing I know, the kids are ON the horses. It was getting super dark anyway, and they could barely get Rebel to leave the hay area lOL.

Taylor, Lane, and Holly all rode poor Rebel til it was too dark to be able to see him.

Fast forward really quickly to the next morning. REALLY early. I wanted to get out for our lessons before it got too hot, which means sometime around 6 am. We did manage to get there before 830, miracles DO happen. LOL!
And the weather was absolutely perfect.

They had to brush and tack the horses first. This part takes a long long time LOL!

then we head out to the field to ride. :) Taylor is working really hard on position. She had trouble keeping her feet from sticking out in front of her like she's riding a lazyboy recliner.

And making sure Rebel keeps going is challenging too. He really wants to eat that grass.

Lane rode Genie around to get her "jumpies" out so she would be ready for Holly.

Taylor decided to jump Rebel. The jump was very low and here they were walking over it. Taylor spent a lot of this lesson keeping rebel going. He's not convinced that she can make him go. LOL


Holly and Genie getting tips from Lane. I kinda enjoy watching the two of them with the pony. I can work more with Taylor, Lane and Holly are having fun, and Holly kinda takes to it naturally so it's easy to let her and Lane just go to it :)

Taylor and Rebel "trotting" over the jump.

It's so nice to see my two girls riding together...

To cool the horses out, we took them on their first trail ride :) we crossed the road and walked up through the fields. The kids were getting tired by now.

And the cows were very curious!!

The kids got introduced to another part of riding this week...Cleaning the Tack.


Vicky said...

LOL, I assume cleaning the track means cleaning up poo?????

Scrappytbear said...

Nope cleaning the TACK means saddles, bridles, and halters.

tspwlv said...

These are amazing photos TL. Just gorgeous.