Saturday, July 28, 2007

After the Horse show on a Hot Evening

We took Holly and Annika to Myles' birthday party at Victoria Park Pool. :) We spend a lot of time there!

Scott got right into the water with the kids :) They love having someone to swim with but cant stay out of the deep water!

Strutting around to the diving board hahahahaha!

Looking a little more like George every day ;)

Jumping off the diving board. Diving lessons are not going too well! LOL!

Annika thinking about going off the board. If we had brought her life jacket she would...I think we better start to remember to take it! lol

And Annika "not" going off the board. Here she adopts that nervous, avoidance stance she has been taking on, when she doesnt want to do something or she's scared. she hugs herself and refuses eye contact. Interesting little habit.

Deciding on the dive, as she's learned lately to do a Cannonball or in her case, a ball bearing hahahahah!

The Cannonball it is! hahhaah!

Making it to the side...

And diving again!

Holly went down the slide once, the first day we went to the pool this summer. She went with no hesitation but almost could not get the words out of her mouth "that was sc sc sc sc scary!" and she didnt go down anymore. She would go to the top of the slide, and then walk back down.
Scott kept getting at her, bugging her to go down. So this night she was thinking about it...finally she said if I caught her...
So I got in the water (brr) and told her that since I jumped in, she better darned well get her behind down that slide lol!
and she DID it! LOL she decided it wasnt that scary...

And she spent the rest of the evening (with no crowd) going down the slide.

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