Saturday, July 28, 2007

Horse Show

Every year I get to Vet check the Colchester Pony club Horse Trials and Rally. It's a good time for me to see people and for the kids to get to see the horses at work! :)
We check the horses after they complete the Cross Country event. They do dressage in the morning before we get there, and after we are done they do stadium jumping. We sometimes stop and watch some of that.
It's always a hot day when we do this event. Some years are hotter than others and I cannot remember a day hotter than the first time I did it 5 years ago. The horses are very hot and sweaty after their trip in the woods.

For the Horse Trials I took Holly with me. She was really nervous last year but not so much this year :)
Holly had the camera most of the time, and here are a few photos that we took while we were there!

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