Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trip to Fredericton Part 1

Last week we went along to Fredericton with Scott while he was working :) It's awesome to get away from the house and we get to do the neatest things!

we borrowed Scott's mother's Explorer so the kids could travel in comfort!
Taylor and Zoe kept company most of the way :)

The two friends in the back seat had tonnes of space even with the bags and stuff.

Annika having fun :)

Dylan enjoyed some time all over the place. mostly he stayed on the floor.

When we got to Fredericton we got some food and while Scott did calls we went to a nearby park to play. It would have been wonderful without the rain but I hid in shelters and the kids didnt seem to even notice the sprinkles! LOL

They were on so many different play equipments I could barely keep track! LOL They were happy to be out of the car!

Monkey see Monkey do...

Taylor looked after the dogs for a lot of the time. She said she liked it when people came to pet them :)

So the kids say "Can we go in the pool?" Im thinking...there's no pool here! They were on top of the slide and ya, they spotted a wading pool on the other SIDE of the park! lol I said no I was not going to get the bathing suits but we walked over for fun.

And they wanted to walk around in the water. What harm could that possibly do? Hold up your clothes and walk around in the water? It isnt very deep...

Can you see the point where they are saying "our clothes are gettting wet, cant we just go in??
Im still thinking NO No NO I cant let you go in, I mean...we have limited clothing and it's all at a pet store a block away. no you cant go in.

I dont Care if your dress hem is getting wet. It wont hurt it. I dont care that it's raining. Still not letting you go in.

Next thing I know, they are in to their waists.

qwhat's a little further??
It's only a little bit more and...

Yip all of them submerged completely. Little monkeys. It's raining anyway "sigh".

They're wet and they dont really care lol!

In fact I think they are happier wet. Til it really started to rain hard.

We ran from tree to tree, cause I wanted to stay dry and they thought that was fun. We got back to the shelter, and hung out there for awhile waiting for the rain to let up. The bigger kids went out and played on the playground, Annika stayed in the shelter until she was shivering too much. Then we ran from tree to tree til we were back to the car and got into some dry clothes.

WE decided to stay in Fredericton rather than Moncton so Scott could finish some calls. Checked into a hotel with a nice pool :)

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