Friday, July 06, 2007

The Horses

The girls have started riding lessons! our friends have a pony and a horse and they are home for the summer! They offered us time for riding and of course we jumped at the chance :) The kids are thrilled!
Thursday was the first time it really worked out that we could make it over (despite behavior being less than ideal) and we tried to get our lesson in before the rain :)
We brushed and saddled Rebel and Lane brought out Genie and Taylor started!

She walked around for the longest time,

And Lane rode Genie around and around. Poor Leanne was putting up gates.

Taylor worked on position, and on steering. Rebel is so good, and she needs to learn to keep him on the "rail".

Lane was jumping Genie and Taylor and Holly wonder when they can jump. OH my.

After Genie had her "quirks" worked out, Lane dressed Holly all up and put her up on Genie. They are a good fit, it was nice to see them. Lane gave Holly riding lessons while I was working with Taylor and Rebel. It was SO cute! Holly did really well and Lane is a good teacher with lots of encouragement and praise. Much better than I am!

And Holly had a great time :)

And Taylor had a great time :)

Holly and Lane walking, while Lane chattered a mile a minute and Holly soaked it all in.

After they got braver and the rain dropped off, we let them trot around the field. They had lots of fun trying to post and to not bounce LOL!

While Taylor took a rest, Cole rode Rebel around :) He has like No fear! LOL!

Then they played Musical horses while Taylor rode Genie and Lane rode Rebel.

I think Taylor found Genie easier to post on (she bounces her up a little more) but she really likes Rebel too!

Jumping Rebel. He's really nice. I jumped him too :)

After riding lessons the kids cooled out the horses, this was their nice relaxing down time. I think they liked that too, riding around nice and quiet and having chat time.

I cant wait til next time!