Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Big Day on Lavinia

Today was a big, busy day :) The Kids had all sorts of activities and fun times :)

All the kids went to school this morning, and I picked up Taylor at noon so she could come home and get ready for her Music Festival. She was in the Piano class today, 9 years old, playing Red Robin Rag. Which she has been practicing for a few months now.
Taylor heading into her recital. She was so nervous! She said her belly didnt feel well. She also didnt want to go to sleep last night lol. She didnt practice enough IMO but what do I know. She was really tired of this song. lol

The big piano where they played their music. lol We were not allowed to take any photos during playing nor were we allowed to video record, so I have no record of her actual performance. lol but I did the best I could to get some photos of her
waiting very nervously for her turn. She was chewing her nails which she doesnt do, and she was jittery. She never used to be so nervous, she has performed a lot in front of others but the older she gets, the worse it is. I guess it is always like that. She ended up with a score of 83 which is really good, I dont know how she placed because they only place the top 3 but she was only 3 points off first so I think she did super good! She had the whole song memorized and didnt even look at her music.

After the festival we picked up the other kids at school, and went home. The kids got out their books and Scott came home in time to play on bikes. He took Annika's training wheels both off, and away she went! Just like that! She is riding a two wheeler!!!

So big big day for her!! :):):):):)

Before supper I did my running for the Learn to Run club and then I finished it up by going to Curves and working out pretty good there. :)

After I came home and ate I took Holly to Ball Hockey. She played really EXTREMELY well. I am so glad she likes it and she met some new friends there lol!
The team came together pretty good tonight and they won 7-1. I wish I had taken the camera :)

Pics from last week :)


nscropper said...

WOnderful pictures. :) It certainly was a big day for everyone.

Jodi said...

Great pictures! Congrats all the way around to all.