Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cuba Experience 3: Swimming with the Fishes

We planned an excursion for our 4th day in Cuba, it was called the Boat Adventure. We were a little concerned because that day was cool and a little windy and the water was fairly rough. We were to drive boats to a spot where we would dock and swim with the fishies :) And no one wanted to snorkel in rough water.

so we get on the "shuttle" which was a mini van and zoom zoom off to other resorts to get other people, and when the van cannot hold more people, we go off to this little buiding beside some water with docks and a tonne of these little motor boats. And when I say motor boat I dont mean a little wooden boat with a motor on the back....they were SPEED BOATS and they were so fast!!

There was not a lot of chance for photography, for all the hanging on and screaming lol this is the view while we were zoom zooming in the boats lol We could really lay those things over on their sides! lol It was very exciting LOL!

the view of the docks and boats on return lol

I have to say this is a little out of character for me, I like swimming and I like fish, but I like there to be something between me and those fish. Getting in took loads of nerve. Luckily the water on the other side of the dock was very calm, but you could SEE the fish swarming! I slipped into the water and kept freaking and squeaking because they were TOUCHING ME!! They really were! and it disturbed me more than you could know! lol

we took bread to feed to the little fishies. Scott put it in his pocket and the little fish kept rushing on him and getting it out of his pockets. I think that freaked him out a little lol!

Oh and i cannot not mention that SARAH WAS THROWING BREAD ON MY BACK and the fishies were totally touching me to get the bread! UGH! Brat!

Its hard to look cool at a time like this lol

Aww. Im gagging on salt water as I look at this.

tonnes of fish!!

On the dock after swimming, getting into boats.

this was a really great experience, after I stopped squealing about the fish, and learned to dive deeper and swim around the fish. They did stop touching us too, once we ran out of bread. There was an angel fish there that was huge, it had to be over a foot from top fin to bottom, and I thought I got a photo of it but I did not, it was neat to see. There were so many beautiful fish!

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