Friday, April 25, 2008

Mom Hockey

This winter I joined Holly and Scott in their hockey sport, and joined a Ladies 4 on 4 Leaque in hockeyville. :) I wasnt sure I could actually manage it, with my back aching all the time and my lack of energy. What a BLAST it was!

I actually found it hard to get used to the hockey skates again, the blades are curved and sometimes I would lean backwards a bit and they would slip from beneath me and Im scrambling for footing LOL And sometimes I would get going and forget to stop, and end up crashing into someone else or a wall or a Just hard to remember to do everything LOL Stopping was less important that getting going, keep up with the puck LOL

But I think by the end I was learning where I should be, and how to get there quickly. I liked playing all the positions but never tried Goalie LOL It was nasty hot and sweaty, and afterwards we smelled like the MEN! UGH! lol

At the end of the season we went in a tournament, which by the way was rather stacked with one team that had a bunch of players from another league and we never had a chance...they were much much better....
but what great games we had! We played really well!

We did make it to the finals but lost in the end after a really great game to watch :) Not as great to play lol we really hated losing! LOL

I played defense for the entire tournament, not really my plan but I offered at one point and ended up staying in that position the entire time. Im really getting a knowledge of defense SIGH lol.....

Anyway now that Ive caught the hockey bug Im totally playing ball hockey this summer. In fact, Sarah and I could not get on a team, so we made our own! :):):) we now have a sponsor and everything! Stay tuned for some posts!


Anonymous said...

Great shot!!! I didn't know you played hockey. That's cool. Wish I'd played sports when I was younger

Boo said...

Great photos of you playing hockey! I'm not comfortable on skates to be able to do that. LOL

Glad you like it and are able to play! Very cool.

KJ McLean said...