Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cuba Experience 4: The only time there was less than perfect weather

After we came back from the Boat Adventure, the weather was good enough for us to spend a few hours at the pool before we were chased in by clouds and a rain that soon came. It was Really Raining hard, and the wind was coming up a bit :)

This was kind of a fun chance, as the entertainment people came and brought games around, we took Scrabble thinking that was fun and a game we all know; Well who knew it would be different in Spanish? HAHAHHAA

It was also really easy to have a few drinks, and a few becomes a few more, and all of a sudden we are in bed by 930 pm lol

Sarah was especially playful. We had no idea that in Spanish there are letters that go together like our TH and they are played together on one scrabble tile...there was a nn, ss, ll, a few other combinations. We decided that if yuou could play the 2 letters together, you got ful value, but if you could onlyuse one, you got the actual scrabble value HAAHAHAHAHHAHA

Because everything is so open and airy, it also means when it rains, it rains inside. This was ok as long as we had a table that was not wet. It thundered and lighteninged this night as well. Very nice.

A cheerful smile

More happy people!

Permagrin would not vanish!

Didnt make it to the disco this night. We did most nights, tho.

the next morning we went to the beach for sunrise, it was nice and warm. And still windy. No water sports that day. No one was swimming and one crazy fellow was going up and down with a wind surfer.

the waves overnight brought in a lot of eel grass that we would not have usually seen as they cleaned it up first thing in the morning.

The waves were huge! It was a really neat day !

The sunrise was amazing. We stayed until it was well up.

One awesome photo!

This was getting towards one of our last days in paradise, and more photos were taken, of the really cool flowers and sites on our resort.

After the raining day, and the Boat adventure, Sarah and I decided we wanted a spa visit. We had a massage and a facial special in the athletic center.

So nice and relaxed afterwards.

Relaxing in the pool was really one of my favorite parts of the day, we tended towards the pool after dinner was finished and we were ready for some cooling off.

This was a drink we enjoyed a lot during our stay, made by AlDennis, called the Harry Potter. It had some coconut drink in it, blue caraca, and orange juice, and something else, I dont really remember. Scott was taking a photo of the DRINK.

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