Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gittin Crafty Again

After a very very long break from doing anything crafty, Ive kind of picked some stuff up again. Im crocheting a gift, and today thanks to Sarah's persuasion, we made these very interesting flower buckets. Hers was a gift, mine was just to bring home for awhile.
We went shopping at Dollarama and put together a neat collection of ingredients, and then we went to it!

We got silver buckets (pretty darned neat ones) and put in sahara. We found these very tall green twisty stems, and after Scott cut them off, we stuck them into the sahara and arranged them. Because they were twisty, they twined around each other.

Packages of die cut flowers gave us a lot of colour to play with. we glued them to the stems and some down the stems. We added the pointy ends of the tall stems to add extra greenery and interest. Tied some ribbon knots around the stems.

We covered the sahara with gravel, and then because Sarah was making a gift, she added lots of candy around the stems, and glued Tootsie Rolls to the back of the big flowers.

I got this cute ribbon and tied it around the handle of the bucket.

Put more flowers on the bucket. Could have had a greeting or something wordy here, or nothing at all. Works both ways.

the finished product, could make such an awesome gift, any theme, any colours and items on the stems used. VERY Fun!


NikJustNik said...

They look freaking awesome girl!! Glad to see you creating again..

Laura said...

these are too cute TL!!!
Fantastic job!!