Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Years Day

The last of the Christmas Season photos...at long long long last! we can move on to more FUN things :)

It IS only April after all :):):)

New Year's night was spent with Sarah and Brian :)
No photos of THAT WII experience hahahahah.

New Year's day was spent in the Valley. There was a Bridal Shower given for Trevor and Rosanna, with all the Perkins' and Sloans invited! :)

Me with my Aunty Alison :)

Taylor and cousin Vicky

Holly and Annika with Erin...they are so good to my girls :)

Trent and Scott having a moment...

The Sloans

Sloan Siblings

Annika took nail painting very seriously while she does Megan's nails :)

Grammy and Sisters

The Perkins' clan

And the bride and groom with their generous gifts :)

End of the Christmas season!

1 comment:

AliP said...

Such nice piccies after such a LONG WAIT!!
Now that you are not working you can update with your adventures more often. Yes???