Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cuba Experience 5

Dress Up!!

We had a rather fancy night out, at the Mexican restaurant.We dressed up and ordered from a menu and were served! We also were serenaded and I wish I had gotten video of it, the fellow singer was just amazing and the group lovely singing Quanta la Mela.

One night at the Disco, Sarah was picked to compete in Men against Women. It was freaking hilarious, they had to do all sorts of things, like passing a spoon up and down their clothing, act out a script acted out by the entertainers, and playing a bizarre musical chairs.

i could hear this bird singing loudly and beautifully every morning, so one morning I tracked him down, and found this little Bohemian Mockingbird in the tree. he was a nice morning treat.

Towards the end of the visit I was inspired to grab the camera and take photos of everything so I wouldnt forget it.

This was the open roof area in the lobby. We enjoyed this open space in the mornings with our first and sometimes second coffee :)

The statue in the lobby where we drank our coffee under the open ceiling.

the open veranda between the buildings, where we would sit at night.

The ceiling in the buffet where we ate most of our meals...

The freshly squeezed orange juice we had every morning, tasted like oranges a cup, I called it my Cup of Sunshine.

the omelet and peaches I had for breakfast most mornings. Yum, ya sure do get used to variety. Hard to come home to cheerios.

the computer room where we checked our email every morning. Ritual. Lovely artwork in there.

The hallway where we bought most of our souveniers from the vendors. They were fairly good about trading stuff for stuff. Like Scott's sneakers and jacket and sweater and bathing suit.

This neat boat with a glider would go up and down every day, taking people up and down and along the beach.

the boys relaxing on the beach.

A Self portrait

Palm Shadow

We went kayaking twice from the beach, first alone and then with Sarah and Brian :)

it was great exercise and so nice to see the scenery from the water.

the beach from the boat. Once you got used to paddling and not rocking the boat, this was extremely relaxing :)

Then we went snorkling along the beach, I was looking for shells and stuff that was moving, didnt see much that was actually interesting lol but it was fun to swim in that warm, clear water. amazing!

Boating away

Most days in the afternoon the entertainment staff would put on shows. they were usually funny, very nice dancing, excellent cuban singing. I loved the music, wish I had bought a cd.

The dancers were extremely talented, carrying on different shows daily and nightly. I dont know how they werent exhausted all the time!

The day we left the housekeepers left a cute note on this elephant lol They often left the towels in interesting figures.

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