Thursday, May 08, 2008

Our Day with Cullen

End of April we had a chance to go spend a day in the Valley. I took Annika out of School and we went to visit Trent and Vicky and little Cullen. :) He is about 6 weeks old.

We got there shortly before lunch time and settled in while Trent and Vicky went out to get their new car *grin* a pretty red Honda gotta love it for sure.
So we got to look after Cullen for a couple of hours :)
He was so cute, he likes to be held and snuggled but sometimes wanted to not be, so we would tuck him in his little chair and grab the camera....

He makes the most hilarious faces, and noises along with them LOL He looks just like my grandfather HAHAHHAHA
No More Photos Missy!
Annika taking a break lol she isnt the Baby Lover in this house, when they cry she has had enough HAHAHAH!
trying so hard to get that toy...

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AliP said...

AAAwwwwwwwwwww. have baby lust don't you? Hmm? Hmm?
I totally don't but I would really really like to meet Cully and hold him and snuggle him etc. Never renting out my womb again though. Nuh-uh.