Thursday, May 22, 2008


Golf has started for another year! Once Scott gets the BUG, it is all he can think about! Luckily he includes me on occassion!
Like today. We went to Pugwash to golf at Northumberland Links. Ive never been there before although after driving there I remember driving PAST before.

It was SO wet! There was water lying everywhere! Ugh! LOL my feet were relatively dry by the end but I think that was just because of good shoes! ha

But the greens were pretty dry and very fast! Lol

Me walking away from teeing off. My driver was Very good today, hitting most off the tees really well.
On this par 3 Scott and I both hit our ballls to the same close that they were only a foot apart! I guess this makes my drive as good as his? HAHAA no, mine was luck.

this hole goes beside the water. If you hit left, you send the ball into the Strait.

Because I actually hit more good balls today than bad ones, I will go out another day to try again. And get a better score.


AliP said...

I golf now too. If you can call being out once so far actually golfing...? But I now have clubs and balls so I am ready!
Someday if you come visit maybe we can go golfing together?

Boo said...

I'm so not a golfer! LOL I think it's great that you and Scott do that together, even if it is occasionally. Sounds like Scott may have some serious competition.... LOL I don't think it was luck that you hit your ball so close to his. ;o)

nscropper said...

Great pics. I've been to Pugwash a few times....very tiny place but pretty.

Julie Duncan said...

No one here golfs either,but now when hunting season comes....DH gets the bug!

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