Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Silly Photos

Of the dogs playing in the back yard :)
Zoey is ball obsessed. She stares at this ball willing it to fly on its own. She puts it in my lap, on my hand, bangs it on my leg, pokes it at me all the time, trying to make me throw it. She stares at it all the time.

She gets irritated and tears all the grass around it out, thinking this will get my attention maybe...She does love grass!!!

Dylan all handsome after his bath, he is the patient one, just sits there and waits for the ball to be thrown.

If Zoey gets the ball she brings it right back to me to be thrown. She is faster than he is. But if He gets the ball, its time for a game of chase which is what he loves the best. He runs around the swing set trying to get her to chase him. Which she used to do.

Then she got smart and just started cutting him off. That works ok for him too because he also loves tug of war. Once she gets the ball she comes back to me to throw it again.

She has the ball and all is good.

Waiting intently for the ball to go
This nut grazes...she doesnt nibble grass, she takes big mouthfulls and chews it like she`s a cow! Crazy!


Anonymous said...

I love your pics. Cute dogs!! I love playing with my dog too. He loves to fetch.

NikJustNik said...

Great photos... they sure look like little handfuls!!!

grover said...

awww that is cute!!!
he wants to telepathically move that ball!!

nscropper said...

Aww, they are so cute and sound like they are fun and silly ... :)