Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soccer 08

Yup the season has started again! I feel like it almost just ended!

This year there are two changes!
Annika is playing again, but rather than one night a week, she is now playing 2 nights a week, and on the same night as Holly.

Holly is playing under 8 again.

And Taylor is playing Under 10. Yes, get off the floor, Taylor is playing soccer again. She swore she never would again, but there it is, she is playing.

Now you can imagine this is going to present quite a challenge. Three girls having practices and games on the same night, on different fields and at different times :)
Challenging, but not impossible.

I am again coaching Holly`s team. Annika is somewhat put out by this, but really Holly is the only one I can coach. Taylor and Annika dont really have the personality to BE coached by me. Holly does what I ask without bugging or acting all weird. The other two, it wouldnt work.

I didnt actually think Annika would play. She kinda had a rough year last summer, not really wanting to play the games, being rather difficult about it. In fact, I had to go on the field with her most nights just to get her to play. Lucky it was little kid soccer. We asked her if she wanted to play this year and she said she did. After we sighed her up she got all weird. She would outta the blue say momma I wish you had not signed me up then she would cry. I actually wrote a letter asking for her to be withdrawn and get our money back; but I didnt send it because I said I would ask her one more time if she wanted to play. And she decided yesterday that she Would play. So I never sent the note. And Scott said Practice went fine. They were near us but not tooooo close, so I only saw a little.

Holly`s on team Russia (U8):) Green is a colour we have never had :)
She looks very comfortable on the team although it seems a little strange for her to be one of the Big Kids, she is older but still very tiny. Our team, actually, is very young. We only have 3 older kids, and the young ones are very young. And silly.

LOL Annika is also on Team Russia (U6) with a very young coach. I have concerns lol but she seems keen and can at least play the game lol.

They did lots of fun things which Annika thought was great.

And they did lots of stretches. Annika has never had trouble with the practices; its the games she hates. We will see this year :)

Dirty looks ;) Taylor played photographer for me ;)

Taylor was pleased to find loads of her friends on the team she is on, Brazil (U10). She will have a wonderful social year, if nothing else. I hope to give her some pointers on the side so that she can catch up as she has not played in 4 years and most of these kids have played in the last 4 years :)

I think she is going to be pleasantly surprised how much fun it is to play.
Now if only I could play too!

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nscropper said...

Wonderful pics. You're gonna be busy but it looks like sooo much fun.