Friday, June 27, 2008

School's Out For Summer!

Here I sit waiting for supper to be served. I should be getting ready for Ball hockey but I dont feel like going tonight, so I sit here instead dragging my feet and not getting ready to go, like I can avoid it if I just pretend it isnt happening. lol Im just so very tired, and cough cough cough etc etc.

So So So thrilled that school is finished for the summer. Really I am. If Just if Only, my children's behavior had not terrified me. I cannot spend the summer like this! I spend 10 months looking forward to summer break, and I so dont want their behavior to make me dread it like so many other people I have overheard.

Anyway, an overview of the End of the Year celebrations at the kid's schools :)

Annika had her Pre-Primary (pre-maternelle) graduation at Ecole Acadienne de Truro. Her class is so awesome and I am very glad they are moving on to the next year mostly together. They and the parents are generally super nice.

Their class did presentations for us for their last day, things they have been working on very hard during the last little while.

They danced in the gym first, it was so incredibly cute and not all that easy looking, coordinating that many children :)

They moved to their classroom and we all gathered around the Tapis for their songs, piano recital, and other presentations and demonstrations.

One of their songs had them clapping hands together, so cute! Annika and one of her best friends Chloe were partners and had a lot of fun during this song!

They did the Hokey Pokey in French and at the end of each verse did a little Saute Saute!

There were a lot of demonstrations and piano songs, Before each one the kids introduced themselves and gave their age. Annika and Chloe did a piano song together, Girlfriend :)

They were too cute and did a really awesome job on their song :)

Singing a song as a group; no idea which song but it was also very well done, all in french with no mistakes :)

Annika receiving her report card, it was all very sweet with some personal comments from Madame Wanda and lots of clapping :)

The Three Moosekittens, best friends always (I hope :))

Last day with teacher :)

SO that was Annika's big last day of School. She didnt have to go back to school after that.
The other 2, on the other hand, had to return to school for one silly hour on Friday. SIGH I get that sometimes they need marking days but I hate having to hang out all week just to go back to school for one little hour.

It thundered a little and rained a lot while we were still sleeping; we all woke up Friday morning to a very wet and grey day. After we got the two older girls off to school and Annika and I were getting ready to join them, it started thundering again for real :)
the lightning was bright and the thunder loud :) I could only imagine what the kids at school were thinking...they arent terribly brave :)
Annika watched the storm in the window for quite some time, I left the room at one point and there was a loud thunder, and she came out with big eyes and said that was Scawy!!!

So the big girls spent an hour in their classrooms, waiting to get their report cards. I really dont understand why they do this, make them go there and sit for an hour, hand the report out, and send them off..
Holly's class played this game which I didnt see her actually participate in the whole time I was watching; pointless to me to play a game in which only part of the class gets to play and who depends on who is the best friend de jour.
she seems to have had fun anyway :)

Taylor's classroom was extremely quiet as the teacher and gym teacher read a book...trying to finish it up before the end of the year but they only had an hour anyway thats what they did ;)
Holly and her teacher, not the teacher she started out with but they finished with and seem to have done well :)

Taylor and her teacher :) she wasnt sure at the start of the year that Madame liked her but by the end she decided she did :)

After we picked up the kids from school we went to walmart for a few minutes and while looking for a few summer items for Taylor, Holly and Annika found a few things they wanted too :) Holly LOVES this shirt and says she is going to wear it every single day this summer. Hahhaa
This is so Annika's style, she wants to wear this dress every day. As much as that would save on laundry, it cant really happen SIGH.

Before the end of the last day of school we took the report cards off to Dairy Queen for an icecream cone :) Luckily the rain stopped and they were able to have some fun on their last day :)


erica922 said...

Big Congratulations to the beautiful Annika!!!!!!! she looks so gorgeous and her hair is beautiful!!!!

AliP said...

I remember the day Ben came home from school and performed the Acadian Hokey pokey for me and I was so thrilled and delighted and giggled. He would never do it again. :o(

nscropper said...

Wonderful pictures. :) Looks like they were having sooooo much fun, and they are soooooo cute.