Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Summer Grading Gift

Ok although I know its not exactly in "voque" right now to give a reward to the kids for grading, we still do. We naturally expect that they are going to grade, knowing none of them are going to fail, but we always have gotten grading gifts and the kids are going to continue to get them as well. We call it all sorts of things, a summer gift, an end of year gift, a grading gift. Either way, its something to look forward to after a long year of school and usually is something to be used outside.

This year despite the warnings against we got the kids a trampoline.

Ive wanted them to have one since we lived in MB and everyone had one. Taylor used to call them Jumpolines and I thought it was so cute! They have loved every one they have ever been on, and I wanted to have one. For them. Not me. Hahahah OK yes for all of us.

So when we found a good kit on sale, which included the safety net and all, Scott went and got one. He brought it home and our clueless children had no idea what we were doing in the back yard, building this massive thing!
It came in a surprisingly small box, tonnes of bits and pieces to be put together! lol We had pieces everywhere, the instructions were absolutely awful, but we worked at it and got it together. Actually Scott did most of the frame himself and I helped put on the bouncing part.
But this part went up shockingly fast. I bounced on it while Scott was starting to figure out the nets.
Who had the better option here?

Part way through the net building, Holly came wandering out to see what we were doing. The other 2 were firmly placed in front of the TV. Oblivious.Holly was very happy to see what we were doing and not too patient about waiting to get on the beast.

So she tested it while we were building the net. With warnings to stay right in the middle and not go out.

The net took a long time to build with terrible photos and vaque instructions. But we got it done eventually and the trampoline was safe.
Relatively I suppose lol.

getting the other 2 kids outta the house to see what we got was a bit tricky. Scott went in and started barging around, telling them to get outside and pile wood. It was time for the TV to be off and some wood to be piled. lol they were so mad! He booted Annika out the door without her coat and she was furious. Then she kinda spotted the trampoline and almost couldnt stop the smile. lol it was kinda funny. She kept frowning and pointed and said What is That??
Then Taylor came stomping out and saw where she was pointing...her reaction time was better! She was off the steps and running across the lawn in seconds!

lots of excitement and yelling followed! The kids claimed to be very happy about their gift!

So I hope the kids will spend the summer bouncing rather than watching television. I am turning off the cable lol so they will have very little choice! We arent putting up the pool this year, its size has limited the usefulness and the kids hardly used it last year. We will go to the park pool for swimming. Its all good lol!


nscropper said...

How fun is that. Kids love those things......and I still get dd something for grading. I always have and I will until she is finished school. :)

Great pics too! :)

grover said...

that is a GREAT gift!
my dad has always had one at his place..lots of hours spent on it for the kids--good exercise too!