Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holly's Bike

Holly has been riding her bike for 2 years now, and we noticed right away this spring that it was awfully small and she was banging her knees on the handle bars. There should have been a nice bike for her size already here, from when Taylor was that size; Scott managed to mangle a pedal on that one while he was trying to change it, and there were no "spare parts" available to be bought, so we had to move on to different ones, and there was no bike when Holly outgrew her bike.
This pink bike is a great bike and the kids love it. It sparkles and it looks great lol and with Annika learning to drive her 2-wheeler last week and needing a bigger bike, it was time to move Holly on, and give Annika the pink bike.
So we have been looking; we didnt just wanna buy a walmart bike that was cheap enough and her end up struggling on it. We wanted something that would be worth some money when we are done with it. We didnt really think Holly would go for another pink or blue or "frilly" bike at all, preferring a sporty bike. And for what the bikes were costing, we had not found the bike yet. Scott got the Hub Cycle flyer which I would have completely ignored, and found the bike. THE bike. And off we went to look at it. It didnt take long to realise it was a good bike for the same cost as all those Walmart bikes, and we walked out with a surprise for Holly.

Which kinda of drives me MAD because Holly is having a period of GRRRRR lately; she cant keep her mouth shut lol she just goes off and spews all this nasty and its driving me crazy!

But there, sits the bike.

We came home with Annika sworn to secrecy as she was with us. Actually, we picked Holly up at school with the bike in back and she didnt notice it hahahaha
Scott adusted her old bike while she was wandering around lol. She was being so BAD that I wasnt even sure she was getting the bike. Scott dropped the seat and handle bars on the pink bike for Annika.
Well later in the evening they are finally settled enough that I let them ride the bikes. Holly hops on hers, down the driveway, and stops....There's something wrong with my bike. Its all wrong! Fix it! lol she starts in on Scott to Fix it now! lol
We suggest that maybe since the bike is obviously too small for her, she should let Annika try it out. Well that was IT! Annika LOVES this; she's getting one over on Holly AND she knows the green bike is in the shed, waiting.
Holly has a total meltdown, yelling and stomping on the street. She throws her helmet and sits on the ground in a huff. Im like NO bike for that child but Scott comes down the driveway on the green bike anyway SIGH.
She changed her tune pretty quickly. Smiles and thank you mommy Thank you daddy all around. Like she learned anything from that little lesson. NOTHING lol. Thanks Daddy, thanks a lot!

So Annika is happy, she has a nice, sparkly, Annika-sized bike. She loves it and doesnt care who had it before her.

And Holly has her awesome new bike. Its alllll Holly; sporty, rugged, and green lol. Not pink.
Such a lucky little girl!

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