Monday, May 19, 2008

Parks This Week

This past week Annika and Taylor's classes had little trips out of the classroom. I was lucky (ha) to get to go to both! Im not sure how that happened but I did LOL

The first was Annika's class walk to the park. Victoria Park isnt too far from their school, and the walk was very nice, warm, sunny, kids all being so cute.

They hung onto a rope while they walked which was good although not ideal as they made quite a game of hanging back and then running up the rope and sliding back again which was really irritating to the kids behind them and torture on the poor person who had to hold the end of the rope.

Once they were in the park they played for a few minutes and then had their snack.

Then they played for a few minutes more before being wisked off to a photo op...the older children in the school were doing something to draw attention to some Acadian event OK I cannot even remember what it was but a number of grades from their school were there and they were singing and dressed in costumes.

the little ones somewhat lost in the crowd :)
At this point we had figured out that the park was MUCH colder than the walk to the park. Its long and narrow between 2 big hills which funnels the wind and it was COLD! Annika left her coat at the school and Im annoyed that she was even allowed to do that, wasnt anyone paying attention? I caught up to the class later and couldnt go back for her coat.
After the photo was lunch. Everything tastes better when you are outside.

then we walked to the falls or what their teacher called an Acadian Well. Um news to me but ok, it was an awesome walk.
the falls are settling down and looking very nice this spring.

Then a bus returned us to the school and I took Annika home early and she spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Sage.

The next day was the class trip with Taylor's class to the Shubie Wildlife park for a Wetlands tour. This was really cool despite the fact that the park was set to open the VERY NEXT DAY so we were not allowed to go see the animals, which made Madame Very upset because they would have rebooked it had she known they would not be allowed to tour the rest of the park after the Wetlands display.

There are Peacocks walking free all over the park. they totally come really close everywhere we went.
I believe its breeding season and the lady giving the tour did say they breed at the park. If they want.

Our group first got to play wetlands games and ID some items common in wetlands such as a mushroom fungus and a beaver tail lol
they then toured through the Ducks Unlimited wetlands display and then went through a small part of the park on their way to the pond.

taylor took some photos then the camera battery died SIGH so I dont yet have photos of the rest of the day...I hope to be sent a few!

The bears in their cage hanging out

Another peacock...this one followed us to the pond where the kids dug in the mud looking for lists of bugs and worms and was messy and fun.
And this peacock was almost eating from their hands. It was eating corn pops. It later posed for a class photo

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