Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hub Town Youth Fun Run 08

Saturday May 3 we were able to take the kids to the Truro Youth Run! They had practiced for a couple of weeks and are working on becoming good little runners :)
The Douglas Street School led by parents created a running club. It would be nice to continue this running club past the youth run, time will tell.
Running Club at the park
Some running games. Little people arent really made to run distances so they get their practice running with games.

Saturday Morning came sunny and warm :) yahoo I might have skipped it had it been raining Im so tired of being cold! hahahha

Parking at the TACC grounds was madness so Scott dropped us off and went to park down the road. We Checked in and got the Tshirts for the kiddies :)

Cute little things in Orange shirts :)

Hanging out waiting for the run to begin. Because we were early checking in expecting crowds, we had some time to wait.

The three Moosekittens. At school these three little ones are inseparable. their teacher calls them les trois Mousketiers, which Annika translated into the three moosekittens. LOL
The little ones were doing the Kiddie Kilometer which only really runs around the track once or twice or how many times, so Scott stayed with them and they ran with the Carreaus.

Sarah and Emily waited with us and would have run with us had they not gotten so far ahead that they missed the turn onto the road lololol

The crowd warming up. there was likely a thousand people there :)

Annika running her Km. She is a really good runner on her own, she actually can outrun Holly and Taylor too :)

Still truckin'

Taylor Holly and I returning from our 2.1 km loops. I likely could have gone further but Taylor and Holly were both beat. lol we have to work on breathing and not sounding like little clydesdales lol.

Afterwards, there were prizes and the bouncy house. There were some snacks and games. well I thinkn the games meant bouncy houses with long long line ups. lol

The kids went on the bouncy house and then waited while prizes were drawn which included bikes that we didnt win but Holly won a prize and she picked a bike helmet which she really needed.
fun Run a success! I think my kiddies are going to be doing lots more running!!

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