Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip to PEI last weekend

We left early Saturday morning for PEI! each year for the last few years we have gone to PEI for the Dairy show (not this year) and the Nanny and Grampy take the grandkids to Rainbow Valley and more recently Shining Waters (since Rainbow Valley, the place I went to as a child for fun) is no longer running. So Shining Waters it is.

Annika in her shades was already restless...

Taylor had her nose in a book where it spent much of the trip...

And Holly was already being "left out" and contemplating a nap.

Once we had crossed the border to PEI (that would be the Confederation Bridge) we stopped to wait for Scott's parent's and nephew's to arrive. While waiting the kids were playing on a playground, a great place for a break.

Flags at the bridge...
The playset

More slide

Holly hanging around
And being cute
Annika at the slide
And Taylor sliding down these odd pole things...

Met Scott's parents and headed off to Shining Waters. Some may remember our trip there last year.

The kids changed into their swimsuits before going into the park and we left a lot of the stuff in the cars for the morning. We like to do some of the walk around stuff first, then "rest" in the pools. Last year it rained and we went to the pools last because we didnt wanna get any wetter. LOL

First we visited Storybook Land, where there are some storybook creatures, and the Witches Cave, a little cheesy but scary only because it's dark. I seem to remember it being more scary when we were kids.

Nanny and Grampy with all five grandkids :)in Storybook Land.

And the five on the Dragon, they sure have grown since last year!

We went through a few more attractions, the little kiddie rides, the play ground...and because it was really HOT we went sooner to the pool. :) the kids LOVE the little wading part, it's easy to swim in and has lots of wonderful fountains and falls.
Linden and the seal...

Taylor and Riley waiting for the bucket to overturn on them...These buckets fill and fill and when they are just about full, they turn over and dump on you! :)

Before too long I took the 3 oldest kids up to the water slides. There were 2 they could all go on, and although they could have gone on the tube rides with an adult, none of them did. Im not actually sure why not.

Taylor disappearing down the slide...

And appearing at the bottom :)

Holly starting off down the slide

And coming out the bottom.
After a picnic lunch, the kids went on more rides.

While Grampy took the older kids off to see something (mirror maze? Im not sure) we took the 3 little ones on the paddle boats. Linden steered the boat.

Nanny took the 2 littlest up the high stairs to the tree house...

And Holly took Daddy on the Roller coaster.

Then all of the older kiddies went on the Roller Coaster. I dont think Riley liked it at all.

After some more time in the pool and on the water slides, the boys and Nanny and Grampy went back to Charlottetown, and we went on some more attractions. We went to the Pirate Ship, saw the petting farm, went on the Pumpkin Patch ride,

and the Merry Go Round a few times, stopped at the playground on the way out, and finally around supper time we called it a done day :) 3 tired little kids wanted to go to the hotel to swim, so we left Shining Waters for another year :)

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Laura said...

sure looks like you guys had fun.