Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last golfing Lesson

the kids got to play a couple of holes with their Instructor Steven on their last day. They used all of the skills they learned in the previous 4 weeks to play entire holes.

And I walked along taking photos lol. What a weird mom I am. I hate missing a thing!

Practicing the swing :)

Holly Teeing off :)

Taylor using Irons on the fairway.

Getting a few more instructions.

Anyone see where Holly's ball went???

Annika came on the walk with us, and she had her own little club and ball to play with.

Her stance may not be perfect but she hits well and she is SO happy when she connects! LOL!

Chipping up on the Green.


And more putting...

And Annika was thrilled when I found her a toad to play with :)

Taylor gets some more instruction...

And tries to drive one over the gully...that's a really big gully. Dont ask how many balls I have put down in there.

Holly's Drive :)

PLaying with toad who's name at that moment was froggy LOL



And yes, putting.

They did pretty good to get over those holes, I was really happy for them!
Hope they decide to keep it up :)
now they are wanting a set of golf clubs of their own!

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erica922 said...

wow they look so gorgeous playing golf dear; tfs those beautiful pictures!!!! love Annika's with the frog lol