Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Hotel in PEI

After Shining Waters, we stayed at a hotel in Cavendish called Cavendish Gateway Resort. It was a great place to go to after a long day in the sun!

it's a neat looking place, fairly big with an "old" feel to it. It even smelled old and I dont mean in that mothballs way, kinda a good "old" smell. Clean and shiny old smell.
Where our room was...there were 3 floors and we were on top. Lots of stairs. There were other wings with outside doors, one floor, and even some cottages.

Our room was huge! being on the top it had slanted roof and great hardwood floors.

Behind Annika there was a little bed tucked into this little corner...that's where Taylor slept. S he loved having her own "room".

There were tennis courts and we didnt have rackets so naturally Holly used them to play soccer on.

The entry was bright and had stained glass windows...

The landings and halls were all big and bright with neat chandeliers and everything. Hardwood dining rooms were also really huge.

There were stairs down to the pool...

And there were doors and windows open around the pool so it was almost like swimming outside but not. LOL
There was a stereo that was tuned to a good station. We went swimming before we even went for supper.

And there was the funniest little old fellow who gave rides around on this wagon pulled by a really nice horse. I cannot remember her name. the kids were SO mad that we didnt let them go on the ride.

We had supper in North Rustico at this spot called Amanda's where I think the fish was so fresh, it moved on the plates. Then we went back to the room, the kids played on the playground and were fast asleep in no time.

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Laura said...

what a beautiful place to stay.