Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Beach

Sunday morning we got up still in Cavendish (gotta love the middle of touristville ! We wanted to go to the beach so after we ate and packed and moved out of the hotel, we went looking for a beach.

Oh must not forget the trip to the Cavendish Boardwalk for Cows Tshirts. LOL

SO we go to the beach, and only want to be there for a couple of hours...well it was darned near 20$ just to go to the beach? We said I dont think so.
So we drove back to North Rustico. Um also 20$ there unless we went to the harbour where Scott did not think it safe for the kids to swim.

Now it's getting to be lunch time (we didnt get up too too early) and we stopped for some peanut butter and bread. And asked the chick to point out a good free beach. not only did she pick one, she gave us the map too! :)
so we headed off the a Way West point of PEI, a spot called Malpeque, where there was a Provincial Park called Cabot Beach Park. That's where we went for the afternoon. Nothing in PEI is very far from anything else.

So first thing we did when we arrived was to make some lunch.

Taylor went catching butterflies which were everywhere (she never caught one). Gorgeous green grass and lots of space!

The Cheerleader followed Taylor around. Holly kicked the soccer ball around.

Scott made Sandwiches in the trunk of the car. I took pictures of everyone doing their thing. :)

Holly was a little cranky at that point. Love her towel tho!

Taylor was in a posing mood.

Annika shared her towel with me.

Scott kicked the ball around with Holly for awhile. We changed into swim suits and headed to the beach.

Boardwalks take you over the sand dunes so they are not completely destroyed, leading to beach erosion and the destruction of wildlife habitats. etc etc etc

The girls got right down to business, digging holes and making sand castles.

Digging was hard work! The sand is so neat, dark red and soft!

Annika playing in the shallow water. Obsessed with the mud.:)

Getting into the water. It was really super warm.

Rocks to the side of the beach :) Were so so cool! werent supposed to play there tho...danger of falling rocks. What on earth would people do if they didnt have signs all over to tell them to have some common sense? How would we survive??? sSheeeesh! We d have climbed those rocks as kids...

Annika ignoring the sign and playing in the rocks...

I usually write the name of the beach in the sand and take a photo so I dont forget where we were on that's always in the photos! Annika saw me doing this and decided to decorate the word with her sea shells, then she posed in the photo for me.

We spent the whole afternoon playing in the sand and the water, and most of all, sleeeeeeping LOL!

once the kids finally decided the water was not infested with jelly fish (not one) and got past the fact that there was a lot of eel grass (storm last week brought it in) they had a lot of fun playing in the waves! The tide was coming in and the waves were just big enough to play in :)

I love this, just the head and little toes sticking out of the water :):) so cute and so refreshing looking!

SO much fun in the waves!

I took a few nice photos hoping to catch the kids unaware, they were too "in a posing mood" tho so I did get a few fun photos of them...

Not smiling too well lately, it's all so difficult and forced. Still cute tho! :)

The three of them having a great time together :)

I think this would look so cool in black and white or maybe desaturated and a bit more contrasty.

Taylor being very silly :)

And Taylor being cheeky :) she really wanted to pose for me but it doesnt feel too natural yet. She's all flirty and silly ;) I need to put her in a dorothy dress and let her carry around a basket! She's so Elsie :)

After the beach we headed straight home. Lots of tired girls!