Sunday, November 04, 2007

Anniversary Trip

Scott and I went away in October to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, October 11!! We cannot believe it has been 10 years already! I keep telling him it's half a life sentence but really it's been a fast and wonderful 10 years :)
We had a quiet Anniversary and then went away for a night on the weekend :) Scott got me some earrings to match the pendant he got me 5 years ago, and also an amazing Anniversary Ring with 3 diamonds, just what I wanted ;) I bought him a gold chain, he doesnt tend to wear chains so I got him a nice, heavy-linked one that will survive him. LOL!
My Flowers, he likes the roses and I like the lilies :):):)
After getting the kids off on a sleepover, we headed off to Scotsburn, to a place we've gone before, Stonehame Chalets. When we stayed before we were with a group of 8, and had a cabin to stay in, made a great meal, hung out in the hottub...
This time we stayed in their new Rock Maple Retreat, with a room with a view, whirlpool tub, awesome bed, NO it was very quiet and restful!
The first thing we did after checking in and trying to see Taylor's teacher's wedding (which happened to be going on the same weekend) was go for a walk. There are tonnes of hiking trails and we had an hour to kill before our dinner reservations :)

The view as we were leaving the room...

And some views from our balcony :)

A weird tree on the path :)

Gorgeous trails we walked and got lost on :)We knew where we were,....just not where we were going. We startled a few white tailed deer on the trail, and came up on 2 enormous windmills that we didnt remember seeing on the drive in....we came to a sign that we didnt recognise so we turned around and went back the way we came, getting back to the room on time :)

We headed off for a supper that did not include kiddie prizes, playgrounds, and paying by the centimeter (lol) at Pipers Landing. It was ab awesome homey restaurant without a child in sight!
We took one of our desserts back to the room with us after way too much dinner!

In the morning this was the view we woke too, with sun coming out and mist hanging :)

Hard to drag out of bed, so nice and quiet :)

Just before leaving

After we checked out,we had to go and find those windmills we had walked to. They were really far away and in a completely opposite direction to where we thought we were going. It was pretty funny, but a great walk!

After finding the windmills we took a roundabout way home on a lot of back roads, it was SO pretty :) We took a few photos before finally surrendering and heading home. To the kids. Who didnt really seem to miss us.
Happy Anniversary!

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