Sunday, November 04, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Halloween Night finally arrived! The kids were so excited, only for Christmas do they get more excited!
After the pumkins were carved and supper was going on, Katelyn got dressed up for her night out!

She was the shiniest bat I have ever seen!

Holly finally decided on Dice again although she did have issues with holding the candy bag and wasnt very interested in BEING a dice. lol

Taylor found this mask and decided it was the HAD TO BE mask :) I didnt argue, it was EASY :)

Zoe dressed for the occassion and helped me hand out candy :)

Scott got into uniform to accompany the kids...
And the Trick or Treaters are ready to go!

Off Trick or Treating. Gotta say LOVING this time change delay, it's soo nice and light and still warm when they are heading off to ToT, they could see other kids in costume and seems SO much safer :)

And where was Annika in all this fun?

She'd had a cold all week....And decided around 430 to have a little nap. I didnt try to wake her, she's started runnning a fever and I let her sleep.

She did wake up at some point and realized that she wasnt Tricking and Treating and kinda got a little upset...

But seconds later she was sleeping again....

And after awhile when she Finally took something for the fever she felt a little better and helped me hand out the last of the treats....but still wasnt going ToT. She's been a little sad about that but her sisters and friends all collected some treats for her so she is not completely candy-less, god forbid!

And so ends Halloween for another year, but for the candy!


skrpndiva said...

Poor Baby. My kidlet shouldn't have gone out ToT, but she did and is suffering for it now!


NikJustNik said...

The girls all look gorgeous!!! Poor Annika at least she got some candy...