Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holly Plays Goalie

On Nov 3 (Annika's birthday...I will not forget soon how hectic this made the day) Holly got to play goalie for the first time. She wasnt afraid at fact she was so excited she barely ate!
Here are some random shots of her playing goalie :)

Coach Dad shooting on her...

Getting a little instruction...

Always in a good spot, dad says!

Moved to the other team so that she got more shots on her....there was not a lot of activity in her end.

In the end I think Holly thought being a goalie was a little bit boring and she preferred to be out in the action. Her words were "I dont get enough "attention" in the nets" hahahahahah oh well I wont really hope for her to be goalie, there's a tonne of pressure on the goalie. If she decides to be a goalie, good for her. She liked was boring hehehe!

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Jodi said...

Great pictures. Love her comment on the goalie.