Saturday, November 10, 2007

Annika's Birthday Parties

After seeing Holly play hockey 2 times on Annika's birthday, we headed off the to movie theater to celebrate Annika's birthday! We let her invite a couple of friends to go see the Bee Movie :) I think I was as excited as she was!
she invited Chloe and Angeline, and all of her sisters, including Katelyn lol.

Before the movie.
We were lucky to get this in before Post tropical Noel came howling into town and made everything chaotic!

Annika wearing the attendants "Bee" antenae. So cute!

Everyone waiting for the movie to start!
The kids were incredibly good, watching pretty much the whole movie and only getting restless towards the end. There were a lot of jokes above their heads, and that made it entertaining for the parents. :) There were a couple of slow parts and the kids were awesome! The movie was really very good, unviolent, very funny :)

Colouring sheets after the movie :)

Opening presents :)

And blowing out the candles :)

Annika and Angeline and Chloe got to tour the projection room. Im not sure who thought that was more interesting, them or me? They were pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing :)

After we ended the party and had supper, we headed off to Riley's birthday party at the pool. He turned 6 the same day Annika turned 5. :)

it was one very long day for the kids, and one very long night for the mom and dad as the storm moved in and kept us up and worried most of the night. Glad things turned out ok in the morning!

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Jodi said...

Great pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time.