Monday, November 12, 2007

A Tag from Meghan

Ten things I did this weekend:
1. painted a bedroom
2. helped a friend move
3. saw Trent and Vicky
4. had friends over to stamp
5. organized some paper
6. saw ultrasound photos of my new NEPHEW
7. watched Holly play hockey
8. went to church
9. watched the kids sing in the choir
10. slept

9 things on my agenda this week:
1. go to work
2. finish putting bedroom back together
3. take Annika to soccer
4. take HOlly to hockey
5. buy new lamps
6. get Taylor to a concert she is singing in
7. clean my living room
8. scrapbook
9. visit a friend

8 shows I've watched last week:
1. Dora
2. ER
3. Grey's Anatomy
4. Big Shots
5. Without a Trace
6. CSI
7. Survivor
8. House

7 things I cooked last week (very very funny)
1. sandwches
2. coffee
3. more sandwiches
4. tea
5. seriously...I dont cook.
6. Sorry, aint gonna cook
7. so I cant seriously put anything here for last week

6 things I read this week
1. Memory makers
2. genetics text
3. Complete book of Cat Breeding
4. Complete book of Dog Breeding
5. Introduction to Animal Science
6. Understanding Horse Nutrition

5 Reasons to be happy today
1. Bedroom is painted and ugle border is gone
2. Friend almost finished moving and starting new part of life
3. Kids are all healthy now
4. got some money in the bank for Christmas = less stress
5. keeping really busy makes me happier

4 things I need to buy
1. 2 lamps
2. 2 shelves
3. wood trim for a room
4. door stopper

3 people I saw this weekend
1. Trent and Vicky (they are a unit)
2. Tonya
3. Leanne

2 things I am thankful right now
1. that we have no serious problems with kids or life at the moment
2. That i have a house to paint and money to do it

and one more thought:
size really does matter. You should see how BIG my new bed is!!

PS Im tagging


Meghan said...

Thanks for doing my Tag!

Laura said...

that is a great tag...loved reading your list!