Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Funny things Kids Say

My kids really say funny things every day. Wish I could remember to write them down.

Last night Holly says "I wonder who I am going to marry. I havent met him yet." She wondered for a few minutes then asked "Momma are you going to come to my wedding? Cause I would be very lonesome without you there!" lol She asked to wear my wedding dress; apparently Taylor told her she was keeping it all to herself. Poor Holly, the dress is likely more appropriate for Taylor's shape but anyway I said she could wear it. She said "good, there's no use in buying a new dress when I can just wear your Handy-Me-Downs!" lol

Now this morning I saw her in the bathroom mirror with a tween magazine. She was holding it up and looking in the mirror. Im like "whatcha doon??" She points to a photo of Nick Jonas and says "Im seeing if our heads look good together"! lol
So she tells me she is going to marry Nick. Only he doesnt know it yet. But she will tell him tomorrow. I asked her if she had met him yet. She says no, she will meet him on their Marrying Day.

LOL ok Taylor never did anything like this. I guess Holly is lovestruck!


nscropper said...

LOL ... tooo cute.:)

AliP said...

I am giggling like mad at the cuteness that is Holly.
Oh my gosh...Nick Jonas isn't good enough for her!
The conclusions that they come to on their own is amazing.