Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Evolution of a New Room

I guess since evolution actually takes a really really long time (kinda like this post which is just hell from start to finish!) I should be glad that its only been a month and a half with Taylor's room! Its not been great tho, having her sleeping in the computer room. Limits a lot of time we can use it, and she doesnt have her "stuff" unpacked which means we have boxes and boxes of stuff stored and waiting for her to use it.
This is the storage room at the bottom of the stairs. It is to become most of Taylor's new bedroom. We picked this side because although there was less work to the other side, this room already had a closet boarded in, and entrance was off the bottom of the stairs rather than all the way through the rec room and into the back corner so we thought she might feel more connected if we used this room for hers.

The other side of the wall; this large room wasnt really bedroom material; its too large for a bedroom, it is right off the rec room, and it has a large doorway that would be hard to board in. The wall with the mirrors is the wall that we moved, right to the other side of that window, leaving the light in the now smaller computer room/scrapbook space, and putting a window space in Taylor's new room.
Taking down the ceiling on the old wall before moving it.

Contemplating it all:)

They removed the mirrors all in one chunk to try not to break them up. they are still out beside the garage and Im wondering if they are going to be smashed to bits by spring anyway SIGH

the kids had a great time writing on the wall before it was taken down. they drew pictures of everyone :)

When this wall moved, itmade the "new bedroom" way bigger. You can see where the carpet ends; that is where the wall used to be:)Its doubled this room in size and added the window.

The other side of the moved wall where they boarded up the "hole" in the doorway and gyprocked the wall. Its ready to be painted and this is going to be my scrapbook room :)
Where Taylor's bed remained during the construction period; she didnt really seem to mind although she refused to clean it most of the time because she didnt have a real bedroom! Brat!
The view from the bottom of the stairs looking into the New Room and the rec room.

So while the guys were inside working, this fellow was outside shoveling. It was lovely weather. Good day for it. And He made the mistake of throwing the ball for Zoey; she tormented him endlessly. He thought he could fool her by putting the ball in his pocket...silly man, she started leaping at him in protest lol!
Door from the Window.
Closet from the corner.

Window waiting to go in. Yeah almost a month later it still isnt in. But notice the walls are all primed and just waiting for the paint after that wall under the new window gets finished. Apparently at this time they found a crack in the wall SIGH and waited to see what to do about it.

The window is finally in YAHOO! Now we can actually do some work inside this room and get the child into it! The outside isnt done yet, but it will be!
Flooring we bought for the new room! We looked at a lot of places and Im glad we didnt settle for something less than just what we wanted because when we found this just what we wanted, at just the right price, we were thrilled! Its called Barn Board and it was excellent!

The green we picked out for the 3 walls. Its pretty stinkin bright but it exactly matches the green in the new comforter and sheets we bought for the room :)
Putting down the floor; Scott and his friend started it one night at about 730 and Scott finished the last piece of floor at about 130; he finished the closet the next day. It looks awesome! LOVE the texture.

A few dots on the white wall; gonna match that sheet set :) The colours were hard to match in small amounts; I didnt want to buy a big pot of paint to do a few spots so I finally found a spot that would sell little pots. And matched the other 3 colours for me!

More dots. Lots and lots of dots.

Lots of dots :)

And the final room (yes I know the trim isnt up yet but it will be soon :)) She is moved in and very happy in it now and I am happy that she is out of the computer room (which now needs painting) and into her room with a door and a window and some peace for her. Its a perfect little girl room!
Major renovation done!


Rebecca said...

Wow! You guys should hire yourselves out. What an incredible transformation. Love the dots!

Scrappytbear said...

ALL we did was paint.

nscropper said...

Love the color and those dots are awesome. :)