Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Thought #2

I wonder how smart one has to be, to be a news anchor or interviewer; does one have to be quick on their feet, able to come up with smart comments and questions on the spot?
Apparently not on CNN, when asking a cameraman/witness to a plane that crashed into a house and was on fire " can you tell me about the fire; was it hot?" When he says "well yes it was hot" she comes back with "I understand in an amazing story, a mother and her daughter escaped from that house; Did you see that?" Im thinking, oh of course, they waited for the cameras and fire departments to arrive before escaping a house that a plane had crashed into, and which was exploding and burning. With some heat I assume. they likely had lots of time to get dressed,and pack, while someone called 911 and the fire departments came.

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nscropper said...

LOL ... i saw that too ... very "duh" wasn't it?