Friday, January 30, 2009

I know I know

There just isnt a lot to blog about lately. There's nothing going on. At least nothing that Ive not blogged about Over and Over and Over.


New Year's was rung in with good friends at a quiet little house gathering. Kinda like we used to. It was nice. And there was an awesome snow storm that had us unable to get out until January 2. The kids? they were storm stayed in Old Barns and as Much as I missed them, it sure was nice to do almost NOTHING for a whole day. Then we got plowed out and life went on.

I read all 4 Twilight books this month. Talk about addictive!

Holly's hockey is going well :) She played Goalie last week and their team won both games. It didnt have all to do with her Goal Keeping although she did do well :) The team played well too :)

Scott's hockey and My hockey are also going along well. As Is soccer, and Dancing for Annika, and she has started swimming lessons once a week too. Taylor still swims 3 times a week and has choir and is starting a new drama play this weekend with the church.

So we do keep busy with activities. Between work and running around for the kids and a few things for us, we dont spend a lot of time at home lol. Work is going well for all.

We did find a day to paint those awful walls in our dining room and hall way, thanks to some prodding from my friend Karen. It looks awesome! And so much more peaceful.

Work has been going on for a month now on Taylor's new bedroom. The Wall is moved, drywall is up and primed (mostly), the new window is in, and the ceiling is done. We are almost ready to paint it and put down flooring. Then she can move into it. Its going to be awesome. Trim work will have to come afterwards. lol and a closet door I suppose.

Scott and I had birthdays this past week. Fairly anticlimatic. Lots of wind up and then....its just over. SIGH.

And that is it in a nut shell. January is pretty much spent and February starts in 2 days. Winter is dragging on with lots of snow days and OMG kids cant go to school when its cold days....Really looking forward to Spring.

Especially since I got sick right after Boxing Day with a sore throat and cold and havent really felt better since. Still coughing a month later. Thinking with some rest that will change soon? lol

Leaving with some photos of our past month in random order lol

Newly Painted Wall
New Coffee Table and end tables.
Silly girl at the movies - we saw Bedtime STories :)
Storm on New Year's Day

Annika at swimming lessons.
The afghan I made this month.
The kids with Mac at the Moosehead's game
Little Goalie
Warming up for her game :)

Birthday Cake time :)
Calf from a class trip I was on this week. Isnt he cute?
The kiddies skating at Short's Lake. What a cold day it was! They went SO far out it scared the crap outta me!
Hockey Holly playing in Spring Hill.
Hockey Mom playing at Hockeyville :)

Some new bedroom photos...cannot find the rest ;)


Rebecca said...

Wow! You guys have been really busy! (Can you teach me how to crochet?)

nscropper said...

You have been busier than you thought. Great shots too. :)