Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Concerts

This christmas posting stuff is going to be endless. It gets tiresome hahaha its the same thing year after year and I could just copy and paste over and over haha

But still I will post photos and try to explain what the photos are.

Complications. Caused by a jumpy school board and a storm that never happened.
We wake up to school cancellations. Usually cause for celebration Unless it is school concert day. At Douglas street school. Which no longer has students by the way.
So their concert was postponed. And the snow date? (yeah we have snow dates in Canada.) Was for the same day/night as Annika's school's concert. Yeah there is the complication. Also the same date as Taylor's Marigold Center concert with the choir. Complicated.

So comes the Snow date. DSS has 2 concerts because they are too small to accomodate all of the people who would want to come and see the concert.

I went to the afternoon concert. and took tonnes of photos.
the DSS choir always goes first. They did awesome songs.

Holly's class was very cute. She is in Grade 2 this year.

They are doing this cute song where they rub each others noses and arms and stuff with partners. too cute.

Still cute

Taylor's class dida play "the littlest Christmas Tree". It went really well. She has a solo in it!

All these funny tree costumes caused some do we make a darned tree costume?
I figured we would wrap Taylor in pine tree garland and she would be a tree. A cool looking tree. Dressed in brown and wrapped in branches.
The night before the SECOND date for the concert, I hear a rumor that Taylor doesnt like this costume and wants a costume like all of the other kids are going to be wearing. Bristol board tree. SIGH. So much for my idea. Next morning I am making a darned tree and taking it to school just before the concert. I guess it is nice that they all looked the same; I just had this impression from talking to the other moms that the trees were all going to look different and didnt really think it mattered that TAylor had a different costume but I guess they came to the conclusion that bristol board trees were going to be easiest. For them.
Taylor's Solo. Really cute.

And she was chosen by Santa to be the christmas tree.

Ok now we fast forward past the afternoon of tree decorating, and on to the evening concerts. The girls dressed for the occassion nicely.

Taylor dressed in Choir Dull. Lol

Annika as usual beautiful in one of my favorite dresses ever!

And Holly in a dress, it happens occassionally and no blood was shed over this outfit lol.

I Dropped Scott and the older girls at DSS for their concert and I took Annika to her school for her concert. She met up with her class and quickly found her best friends who had by coincidence dressed in the same outfit lol

Decorating the tree. Im so glad that Annika's class was up first; Made for a really quick concert for us lol

Annika's class did 3 songs and then we were OUTTA there. It isnt that I didnt want to see Annika's entire concert; I wanted to get back to DSS for their very last ever concert there before they all head off to the new elementary school in January. It was a really good concert too!

The finale with the entire school present on and in front of stage. Kinda just like 2 years ago lol with the Douglas Mountain song only they added Saying Goodbye to Douglas Street School and lots of people cried lol.

This concert ended WAY late and Taylor didnt make it to her Marigold Center Recital. Maybe next year!

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nscropper said...

Love the costumes and the dresses .... the concert looks like it was wonderful. You got some great pics. :)