Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Weekend Swim Meet

In Antigonish :)
Taylor's first swim meet and she was very excited to go! We went with Annika and Taylor and spent the night with my grandparents in New Glasgow!

The first day was long; We left here in the morning and drove to Antigonish where Taylor popped right into the water and I wandered around to find the Observation Deck which was kinda nice as it was a good view and great for photos if you had a decent camera which I did hahah

Taylor warmed up and her first race was right away. It went well and her time was good; for her first meet. She was not too nervous. All of her times would be personal bests as she has not been to a meet before.

Her first was 50 M freestyle. It was a good start. She did breaststroke and backstroke, both of which she likes. She got disqualified from breaststroke for not kicking right. She also got DQ'd from 200 M IM which was Butterfly, Breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle; on one of her turns she didnt touch with 2 hands. She didnt finish her 200 M freestyle because she thought she might throw up in the pool. But she did get times in the rest of the events.

Staying with my grandparents was nice...and unsettling at the same time. Everything about being there just reminds me of my father and its hard to not think about sad things. But my grandparents are wonderful and made us feel very welcome and it was a great night. They sent us off to Antigonish in the morning with very full bellies and a lunch bag :)

Second day was a shakey day which was when Taylor wasnt feeling well and Annika was losing patience. But Taylor still had fun and loved being at the meet and it wasnt a bad day just harder lol. Something to learn for next event! lol and lots of things to work on!

Great job Taylor!

Waiting for her first event; a little nervous!

About to dive! She is going head first which is a huge accomplishment!





Chatting with her coach!

Pushing off for her back stroke!


Waiting for another event; much more relaxed now!

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AliP said...

Aaaaaw..she was trying so hard. Poor dolly. Good for her for sticking with it!