Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wasting time because I have so much of it

Sitting here giving an exam which I hope is going well. They keep giving me dirty looks. KIDDING but I never know how to guage these things...if they are giving me dirty looks is it because the exam is hard or is it because I am tapping this keyboard? Which is so much better than the flipping of pages and textbooks if I were actually working on the next exam which I should be doing; and much better than the sniffing and gagging of the chick in the test last week who had a cold and apparently no kleenex.

So I am sitting here blogging about some actual really info rather than the recent funny videos and photos I have been putting on for a laugh.

The term is coming to an end for me and although Ive had a great time this term I am looking forward to sleeping a little better and reading 2 books I want to finish. Ive had little time to read this semester. I know 2 of the courses I am doing are "done before" but I so wanted to make them better, I redid a tonne of them. And did much better. And the students this semester were awesome. We just finished presentations and there wasnt a single one that I wouldnt listen to all over again. Interesting topics, well spoken, tonnes of correct information, lots of debate on the controversial topics; Ive really enjoyed these students! Seriously going to miss them next year. TOTALLY.

I will have a couple of weeks before Christmas to shop, finish moving into the house, and work on next semester. Both courses after Christmas are ones I have done before. But again I am striving to have them "better". Much better in fact. LOL neither one was really easy and I want to make them more interesting as well.

Moving into the house will be a key to a stressless Christmas. We still have stacks of stuff in the garage which means my car cannot get in there and my stuff is still missing. how long should it be in boxes before I conclude its of no use to us? I need to finish cleaning some of the house (hello carpets need to be clean! seriously. Someone said they looked like they had been cleaned before the people there moved out; Im thinking the only place that person looked was under where the bed was because I am thinking the rest? not even close.) So I need to clean the carpets and it would be awesome if Taylor could have a bedroom, it was so "oh it will be done right away" and we are now zooming towards 2 months in the house and she is still sharing with the computer room. and Ive got no scrap space.

Shopping should be somewhat simpler than it could be; our kids are getting only a few things beacuse we bought them the house. And I dont want Scott to get me anything cause I dont need anything (although I am going to start a search for end tables to match my coffee table) I think the house is adequate for a Christmas gift for the next 35 years. Cause that is how long the mortgage will take to pay off the way the economy is going lol.

Scott is currently away on business so tonight should be one of those stressless nights with lots of sleep and tonnes of work getting done. And when I say this I actually mean quite the opposite but with what is ahead I cant bring myself to write that. I have a lot of work to get done, all the normal work of the house, Holly's hockey, Im missing soccer, and the kids tend to get a little more "mischievious" when Scott is away as they are aware I cannot be policing everywhere at once and when I say GO DO THIS it is hard to enforce unless I stand over them. The older kids are with Nanny today as there is no school.

Because of parent teacher. Report cards went home this week and Don't I have 3 absolutely brilliant children? Of course I do. And no problems at school since we are apparently taking the see no evil hear no evil approach with the bullying situation going on in Taylor's classroom. I see that getting worse before it gets better and I only hope Taylor doesnt get herself in the middle. She has such great intentions of supporting and defending her bestest but I am encouraging her to refrain from slinging mud herself; TELL someone what is happening and make it stop but its not necessary to add to the mess.

But curriculum wise all three munchkins are working at their grade level and doing well in the process whatever that means. lol I hate their report cards with really have so little actual information. What does a 3 mean when a 5 is almost unattainable? That my kids are average? I dont think they are. And Im so unbiased. Actually I am unbiased and I still think my kids are doing extremely well in the learning part of school. Holly is such a good reader and Annika is amazing with language. Taylor is just Taylor lol all around wowsa.

Not biased.

Pets, kids, house, activities, etc etc all going well.
Holly is enjoying hockey - she is on the intermediate novice team this year.

Taylor is enjoying choir this year although we are much more aware of "things that are not really going well" and some unfairness as far as who is getting the special parts and solos and who is getting extra opportunities that are not offered up to the general choral population. SIGH. Whatever, she is learning and singing and reading music and likes it so we will continue to do whatever foolishness asked of us such as last night's "school night" concert at "bed time" that we had to get our kids to; we arent allowed to watch but we can wait in the hot waiting room if we choose (not encouraged but rather encouraged to leave and come back to pick them up but there was no "pick up time" so what does one do) and wear the jumper with a white button up blouse, black tights, flat black shoes, and tie hair up with a black satin or velvet ribbon; no jewelry, no make up, nothing interesting about you.

Im sure they did a lovely job. I opted not to wait but instead was lucky enough to have a friend pick up the girls and bring Taylor right to my door; I was able to at least get the littles into bed almost on time and didnt have mutiny this morning frmo the entire brood.

Gottsta go. Consider kept up.

up to date?


AliP said...

Wow...I feel totally kept up even though I chatted with you on MSN when you had to clean up dog's messes and I heard none of this interesting stuffs. Funny that.

nscropper said...

You've been busy. Hope the move goes smoothly. :)
Enjoy your free time until next semester. Catch up on that reading. :)

Rebecca said...

Well done! I feel like I've had a window on your soul... sounds like you've got everything well in hand! And don't worry about the unpacked boxes... I'm still trying to figure out what to do with mine. I think that 24 months is a good length of time to wait before considering the stuff obsolete. Or maybe it's 36 months?