Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 08

This year we went back to going out and hunting our tree.Sure it is easier to let someone cut it for us but we just figured we would take the kids out to get one this year right from the woods. It wasnt hard, just wet. And the tree is doing well, losing so few needles!

We packed the kids into the borrowed truck and headed off to the Jollytrees woodlot.

Excited to go!

Someone is a little bit wound up.

The great tree chooser looking for the perfect tree.

Ready for Action here! Just pick a tree already!

We didnt pick this tree in the end lol

We actually had a lot of choices that would have been fine; but we ended up going to a section that was hard to get into and picking a tree way in there through the thorns lololol

Still getting along :)
I have to say the kids were pretty well behaved considering the thorns and the mud and the wet feet.

We picked a tree and they started cutting. It was harder than it looked!

My Turn!

No My Turn!

No NO, my turn!

Carrying the tree to the truck

We are so very proud of our tree hunting abilities!

We didnt get around to decorating the tree for a few more days. It did need time to dry out after spending the night in a snow.

Scott brought it in and put it onto my beautifully cleaned carpets and I thought that sucked but I guess it was inevitable. lol It had to come in. Dripping needles as it went.

Holly helped us decide if the tree was straight or not. It was not. HAHAHHA it was eventually acceptable.

Scott put the lights on while the kids were at school. It wasnt fun; I wanted the blue then the red lights around the trunk of the tree.

It took quite awhile. lol.

When the kids came home they were right into the decorations. I decided which ones I would allow on the tree and those are what we put on. Alot of them are breakables so I can only really hope they all survive the season. Carpet will help.

Lots of cooperation made it easy to get the job done.
Dont forget that it is in front of a window and needs to be decorated on all sides! lol

Almost finished?
TADAAA Here is our tree!!!

Made some paper ornaments to go on the tree; my idea was blue and red, and the ornaments had to be the red lol