Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Thought #5

Just watching a little Oprah and this isnt something I usually do because I dont get her. I dont get her at all. Who is she? And why are so many people so enamoured by her? I dont get it. Self-importance just oozes from her.

Anyway I was kinda feeling bad for her, getting a chunky again, when Im sure it was hard work to lose weight and now everyone gets to watch her get fluffed again, and she did all these shows and wrote all these booked and was so full of it over her healthy lifestyle; donuts anyone?
and it got me thinking about how it sucks whenever someone loses weight; people are just watching and waiting "she's going to gain it all back you know." They take great pleasure in the expected failure of sometimes their friends but just as often people they barely know. Is that because they cant lose their weight? Or they just hate to see someone else succeed? And of course inevitably the weight does come back at least some of it, and everyone who waited for the failure cackles and says Told you so. And they get so much pleasure from it. Sad.

But all sympathy dissolved when she had this puppy on; of course Oprah got a purebred cocker spaniel from the dog pound. Whatever. But she's all like we have ALL these dogs at home, I just have to have this one live in my bed.

And then she has Tyler Perry come on and she's Tyler this and Tyler that and I wanna gag about what great friends with Tyler and he's all this rich mogul and Tyler and I were in a car going somewhere blah blah Dropping names like "Jennifer Aniston's birthday pahty" and "oh did I mention I bought an Island?" Nice recession.
but she introduced him as Her Rich Negro Man. And he calls her his Rich Negro Woman. And then they make a joke about white people in this snotty voice and being really rude.

Is this somehow more acceptable than if someone made a joke about a black person? Or a native? or someone else that isn't their race? And lets remind everyone how rich they are in the midst of another recession.



Ali P said...

Who The F is Tyler Perry?

nscropper said...

Sigh .... what can I say. Sometimes it is a sad world we live in ...