Thursday, March 05, 2009

Flooding March 03/09

Truro was built on a flood plain and floods a lot. Some floods have been pretty impressive although the past couple of years have been pretty quiet.

The other night while we were sleeping the bridge down the street from our new house grabbed an ice jam and flooded out tonnes of the area. It was clearing up by the time we got up in the morning, but Im sure it was a long night for many, and we were able to view the aftereffects. I gotta admit I get a kick outta this sort of thing and tend to like sight seeing.

Check out some of the news here.

Some photos Taylor and I took today; I thought this would make a nice addition to her 4H photography project!


Ali P said...

Whoa. Thats some ice!!

nscropper said...

Wow .... that's a lot of ice. Great shots though.