Monday, March 23, 2009

Hockey End of Year Tournament

At the end of our hockey season we try to take part in the Burger King 4X4 women's tournament! And it was played last weekend in full. OH my god that is a lot of hockey. Our team was awesome all year and we didnt gather new players for the tournament, with most of our team signing up to play. We called ourselves the No Additives team; a few of the other teams seemed a little "stacked" with some new and advanced players. Funny tho we did pick up one player at the last minute to make up for some absent team members for some games.

We played 3 games on Saturday...starting with a tough 1-1 tie to the black team, then a 2-1 win over Yellow, and a 6-1 win over the Sat night Blades. Made for a very long day but I do think we played the second game better than the first.

We finished first in our division therefore we didnt have to play in the Quarter finals, advancing directly on to the Semifinals.

Sunday I had to get up and drive to the Valley to attend Cullen's Christening and first birthday party so I did miss the Semifinal game which the team had little trouble with; a win over the Red team 5-0.

Rushing home from the Valley, changing in the car between passing large trucks, I made it JUST in time for the game(actually missed the first 2 minutes and our first goal). The Championship game was amazing; ups and downs, we were ahead, they were ahead. Then we went into overtime with a 5-5 tie; overtime is played 3 on 3 rather than 4 on 4, which was a little different and we almost gave that up a few times with our awesome goalie saving us.

Wth 2 minutes to go in the overtime period and just before reducing to 2 on 2, our team scored the winning goal! It was Very exciting. lol One of the hardest and most emotional games ive played.

Our league was so much more competative this year, much more than last. The games were well attended and each one was tough. Our team played together incredibly well and we got very predictable and dependable. I dont think we lost a game after Christmas; We did have a couple of ties tho.
Im going to miss those girls next year!

Some photos! Ill add more as I find them ;)

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That is awesome .... congrats. :)