Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just to Clarify my work Position

Which I dont tend to do a lot because whatever; but in the past couple of weeks Ive had an abnormal number of people casually comment that it must be nice that I only 'work' a couple of days a week or that my job isnt stressful or hard because Im not "working" very much. Or that its not equal to a real job because I only "work" a little bit. So Ive felt the need to clarify it a little bit so that I might not have to hear these comments anymore.

One of my classes is an animal breeding lab. Tonnes of statistics. There are over 50 students in the class and every week they do a 2 hour lab. This is broken into 4 sections so there are 8 hours a week spent teaching those labs. Then each student passes in a lab each week so besides those 8 hours in lab there are close to 16 hours of marking. Not like they are easy and short labs. SO 24 hours a week just teaching and marking those labs. Add another hour for preparation for the next week, and we might be getting close to the time spent.
During the time that Ive been sick and including the time Ive been on antibiotics; I only actually missed 1 day of class. Only 1, in now 10 weeks Ive been sick.
The other class I teach is the lectures and labs for a nutrition course. Beyond the hours in class are also the hours of preparation and improving this class over last year :) Its been much better this year. And include the marking of weekly assignments, tests, and term papers and presentations, and again we might start to make a mark on some time. I dont even try to add that one up.
But What I end up with is a pretty much full time job. Just because I am lucky enough to be able to do a lot of that marking and preparation at home shouldnt make it less of a job, and that actually allows me to be able to be the one looking after most of the kids' care and activities; Most days of the week I am able to be picking them up and running them from one fun filled adventure to another. Only 2 days a week this semester someone else has been doing that. other than those 2 days I do much at home so that I can be home when the kids are but that means a lot of evenings and weekends are used for working. At home.

Im not sure why recently people have felt the need to make my job less than it is and in fact ask if I ever intend to Really go back to work; I HAVE.

I love my job right now even tho I work long hours and do some dull stuff like marking for hours on end.

So quit knocking my job!


nscropper said...

Oh my ... I'm sorry to hear that this has been happening to you. HUGS!
To be honest, I don't know how you do it. You must be very well organized ... I'd be a mess trying to do what you do.
Try not to let what others say bother you ... those that matter know how hard you work. :)
I get this all the time to because I work seasonal work ... I'm used to the smartass remarks now and I just let them slide.

Boo said...

I don't know how you do it either T-L! Kudos to you!

Don't listen to anyone who's criticizing you. They are just jealous.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Teri-Lynn.... I hope I've never said anything to make you feel that way. Only two years ago, I was also squeezing a full time job into part time hours. Plus taking care of the family. I know how hard that is, even when you love your job. For the record, there are LOTS of us who understand and appreciate the reality of working "a few days a week"!

Lissa (aka The Untamed Scrapper) said...

Teri-Lynn, there are people in the world who are stupid enough to believe the old adage, "Those who can, do; Those who can't teach."

Trughtfully, all the teachers know it's the other way around. Those who can, do the teaching so those who can't sit around and talk about how teach them HOW to do their job aren't so much. They' idiots. Coming from a family of career educators (three generations) the rest of them are idiots. I know you're an amazing professor/instructor/mentor. Don't let the idiots ruin what you do.