Friday, March 28, 2008

Tagged by Marjorie!

Here are the rules: {Feel free to copy and paste these --- the rules; not my answers! Teehee!}

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Here's my 7:

1) I had no interest in ever being a teacher or doing "presentations" every single day...but that is what I am doing with my "awesome education" :)
2) I don't balance a cheque book. Does anyone still do that?
3) I keep all sorts of strange things with the intention of scrapbooking them someday, but chances are, I never will.
4) I could go days without leaving my house. And I love being outside. I just get distracted and forget to do it!
5) I have good intentions but poor followthrough.
6) I wish my women's hockey team allowed checking because there are some very nasty players there who could use a good toss up against the boards and I would love to be the one to do it.
7) I plan to sleep away the first 2 days of my "summer break". then I intend to clean the house and go back to work and have the fall prepared before the end of June.
Ok, so now I tag: Mother, Vicky, Erica, Wolf, Boo, Nik, and Alison.

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