Sunday, March 02, 2008

Christmas Eve and Morning at Home

Christmas Eve! We went home and the kids were already in their Jammies, Annika was even asleep but woke up,there was too much excitement :)

The kids put out the treats they had for Santa and his Reindeer....Cookies and chocolate milk, and Reindeer Chow for the deer :)

So carefully setting things out

contemplating what the morning would bring :)

In the morning the kids got up to find that the treats were gone! A sure sign that Santa had come, despite all Mom's threats that he would not!

some Masters girls got up cranky! They all slept in,but oddly, still Annika had to be woken in the morning. I dont think we heard a peep before 730 am :)

Patience wearing a little thin on Holly who couldnt contain herself :) Off to see what Santa brought!

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