Sunday, March 02, 2008

Christmas Eve Party at the Masters'

we always spend Christmas Eve with Scott's parents and families in Old Barns. Tend to be heading home earlier these years, with kids ready for bed but not willing to go there! I remember Taylor's first Christmas, she was so cute! She was 10 months old and the center of attention, and still awake very late, Nanny and Grampy gave her the wagon and she was pulled around the house like a little princess, making sure everyone saw her! TOO cute!

Anyway we still go, for how long IM not sure.

The kids were cranky this Christmas eve, well we all seemed kinda tired and cranky. Getting ready to go was challenging :)
Taylor has a new dress, very cool :)

Cranky Holly didnt want her photo taken or for anyone to either talk to her or ignore her either....cant win with that one.

CutiePie Annika :) being good for the instant.!

Tired but ready to go!

Happier once drinks in hand!

Girlies got some pop and that was a treat that made them all cheer a little!

Looking festive in Jeans, hmmmm that's my Girl!

The youngers checking out the food, making their choices!

Couldnt get a good photo of the kids with the grands, too cranky!

Better photo of the Grands and the 5 little ones :)

Taylor and Great Nan

Holly and Great Carlene

Nanny opening the scrapped Christmas Present :)

Daddy's practically only photo from Christmas Eve party :)

Went home to get ready for Santa's visit fairly early :)

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erica922 said...

I always love seeing all your family gatherings and family pictures dear Teri, thank you for sharing.
I just tagged you, check my blog for the questions :):)