Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogging some more: 4H

Because this is such a huge thing for the kids during the year but more so during the summer and particularly Achievement Day and the Provincial Exhibition 4H Day; It could get a lot of airplay here. I take a LOT of photos :) But I will attempt to shorten it.

Taylor showed Kylie in the Light Horse Project. She and Kylie get along really well; as long as we don't ask too much of Kylie. She is very gentle and kind to work around and makes a good 4H horse.
Little Helper Annika :)The Light Horse Project at Achievement Day
Showing in Showmanship. the ring was too small for Kylie to get a trot going on; Ok she really just didnt do it LOL but there were not a lot of Juniors there

and Taylor did get top Junior.

And the Dairy Classes; Taylor and Holly both took calves this year.Holly's calf is Royal.  She is a really awesome calf although Scott would not have predicted she would get quite as good as she is :)

She is such a kitten; absolutely awesome to work with :) all those hours of walking...

Taylor has Sparta; She's a good calf, doesnt always act perfect and doesn't get ready for a class that well either; not eating, drinking too much? lol When she does get it together she is awesome.

Both girlies are in Junior Showmanship; they are not too competative yet, as Holly is just happy to have Taylor in the ring with her. Holly was quite scared to show; she had to be talked into going in the ring this day, and I hear it wasn't pretty.

Taylor is a good showperson and was brought in first.  She likes it on top.

Holly was placed third and stayed there; it's really a good position considering she was against older and experienced juniors; she was happy :)

And so they finished first and third and both happy to be there.

Junior calves in conformation; Holly was ok by this time :) Her calf is really awesome and called in first.
Taylor's senior calf apparently was not looking her best this day (I don't see it lol) She was second to Alexander's senior calf.

Catherine's Intermediate calf was Champion with Holly's calf in Reserve and Honourable mention to Jelisa's Jersey :)Very happy to be Reserve :)
The Dairy Project

Being top Junior Horse showman and Junior dairy Showman, Taylor made it to the Champion Showperson Class :) they show every project represented at the Achievement Day. Taylor goes through the lunch break learning to show Waterfowl and Rabbits, Goats, and Sheep :) She can handle Dog, Horse, and Dairy ok. :)


Sheep; She struggled with the sheep, trying to show it with the halter rather than grabbing it's head LOL
Alex's Duck is SO patient LOL

Rabbit; Mr. Munchie is too mellow but Taylor could take this a little more seriously.
Finished off the day with a Tug of War Demo
Against the parents, who won thanks to all of their full grown men.
After an afternoon break the club meets for a Pot Luck and Awards ceremony; Usually a lot of fun and great to see the Lifeskills projects and Record sheets. 
Taylor and 3 of her club mates shared the top Judge Trophy for different projects; Taylor got a 98 in Dairy Judging and will have the Trophy for 3 months at some point :)
Holly took home Trophies for Rookie of the Year, and Scrapbooking Project Member.
Taylor enjoyed Top Junior Dairy Showman and Top Light Horse Project was a surprise. 

A super good day for the girls, the culmination of a lot of hard work over the winter, spring and summer.  Long day for all of us!!!

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