Thursday, August 26, 2010

blogging away: Soccer

with just so little to say these days!  It takes for freaking ever to write posts and add the photos; Id rather just post the photos :)

But I will attempt another update for Summer 2010 which is so quickly coming to an end :(:(:(

Kids soccer...over. Jamboree was awesome, the kids had a totally HOT soccer filled weekend then it was done. And not really a moment too soon; Exhibition was upon us.

Annika's Day - three super hot games. Her team suffered a lot; sick from heat, cranky, tired. Great age. Busy day at the field!

Holly's Games - Over 3 games she had 5 goals and her team tied the first but won both other games.

Taylor's Day: Hot but less busy day because most of the games were the day before.  She and Holly had the fields to themselves.  Taylor's game played 2 longer games and although they out play the other teams they had trouble scoring and lost both games :( Not for lack of skill or trying; just not scoring the goals.

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