Sunday, November 08, 2009

New Maggie

We needed another dog. Like we needed a new hole in our heads. Why do we go make things so much more complicated every time things seem to get easier? I think we finally have the dogs sorted out, so obviously we should get another one. A BIG ONE.

Magda was sold from a pet store. The new owners had concerns about her front legs being crooked or lame or something (im not sure) and returned her to the store. We looked over her vet records and decided to take her home.

The kids werent taken with her at all, you can tell. I was kinda led to believe Magda was 3 month old mostly boxer with 1/4 mastiff. One look at her says she certainly is a lot mastiff lol. Her body shape, size...

a whole lot of mastiff. ive since gotten her original vet records along with a photo of her father (a whole lot of mastiff is he; she looks just like him, colour included). And she is more like 4.5 months old and has not been vaccinated since she left the pet store. Great.

the other 2 dogs didnt really pay much attention to Maggie for the first while; in fact Dylan almost seemed to turn his back and deny her very existence. But i was relieved they didnt bother her either.
Zoey was actually first to warm up to Maggie, shaking her toys in her face to get her to play. Maggie didnt really get it at first but liked the chase game.

But she spent a lot of time trying to sort out what those two are doing.

She has come a long way since she came; she's not really house trained at all...and can be a little sneak about it too. Coming along. If we can train Zoey we can train anything! She Doesnt like to be wet and she doesnt love snow although after a bit I did coax her out into it. She's fairly timid and doesnt like raised voices; maybe a result of little patience with the house training? Hard to say.

She did learn pretty fast about her cushy bed and when she sleeps, she really sleeps :) Cute :) Zoey sleeps with her alot. I think she is nice and warm but she also kicks a lot.

When she plays she is all feet. She puts her paws on top of the heads of the other dogs lol Dylan plays with her nicest tho; he like to wrestle and play bite games and Maggie rolls him over and stomps him.
I love her wrinkly little forehead. Much.

cuties together :)
there is that wrinkled forehead :)
the playing goes on :)

So Maggie is improving and fitting in here really well. She is big and clumsy but when she wags her tail her whole body wriggles it is really cute :) She's affectionate and happy to see us. Oh and kennel training is going well although the dogs spend most of the night on their beds now. She does chew things but we give her a lot of toys. And carpets can be cleaned SIGH. We always wanted a boxer and now we have half of one. Im not so sure about the mastiff side. BUt I want a dog to run with and once she grows into those legs she could be it. No one would mess with me :) lol As long as the elbow/leg issues straightn out; no abnormalities on radiographs so chances are good she will grow out of it. In a couple of years. LOL.

Welcome Home Maggie :)


grammy perkins said...

And she really is a sweetie pie. I was quite taken with her too.

Anonymous said...

i love dogs. my collie mix was getting lethargic and lazy so i found and brought home a jack russle chihuahua mix and it has made him a very happy boy they play and roll all over each other. thank you for sharing your puppy pix i enjoyed them very much on this foggy morning in Oklahoma. :)