Sunday, November 08, 2009

Corn Maze

Annika's class got to go to the Corn Maze and I got to go along :) It was like SO cold. And I personally think it was the beginning of the "class Illness" since the next day 3/4 of the class were not there :( poor little people! It was just SO cold!

First the kids had a fun wagon ride through the deepest nastiest mud Ive ever seen lol SO glad we didnt have to walk it.
Such neat pumpkins in the fields waiting for Halloween. too bad they were rather more expensive than I wanted lol
Cutie; she was so sick that day; the night before she coughed and coughed and it was only the cough syrup that got her through that day.
There's My Deb! Lost in the corn!
After a quick lunch we got to go into the corn :) we went right up to one of the viewing areas :) From there we could see everything and picked a direction to go :)
Us in the corn. COLD.

Little buddies in the corn. They had a lot of fun.
After the maze the kids got to play at the playground and watch a pig race :) then back on the bus. Annika came home with me and stayed home from school for 2 more days :) Croup! Ew.

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