Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fall Colours

The girls went for a day trip with their Great Aunt Gayle and Uncle Rick, to see the fall colours from the Ski hill in Wentworth. The ski lift takes them to the top and then they walk down! This is the sort of thing my kids absolutely LOVE to do :)
Around the beginning of October, the greats came and picked up the kids and off they went for the afternoon! I was Free! FREE! So I went off with Leanne and didnt come back til the kids did! LOL

they waited in line to get up the ski lift for about 1/2 hour I think...
Lookin all cute and ready for hiking :)

The view from the lift :)

Rick and Taylor went on first, this was their view looking back at Gayle with the two small kids...

And Gayle and the small kids view of Rock and Taylor in front of them :)

Holly on the lift...

And Annika on the lift. I dont think she was too sure about the whole thing :)

Walking back down! Apparently it was kinda wet although fun and really nice, lots of wet feet! lol

Little group of hikers, couldnt believe these adults were Grandparents! LOL lookin pretty young and fit ;)

The gorgeous path...

Some awesome scenery...

aAnd more beautiful colours.

Hockey Season in Full Swing

Hockey Season has again begun! LOL Holly has been through her Evaluations and placed on a Developement Team called the Bruins. :) She's into some bigger gear and has a bigger stick and I cannot believe how far she has come since last year!

Their first practice was on the Big Ice at Truro rink. I think she likes that rink a lot! LOL They did a lot of Drills up and down the ice.

She has a lot of room for improvement on her skating. Alot of the drills were a little over her head, but she tried very hard and did a really good effort.

And she was really happy with how she did.

She already has plans of how her ice rink in the back yard is going to look this year! She and Daddy are going to build it bigger and better and make it go in the other direction! lol

Holly and Scott both play most of their hockey at Hockeyville, Deuville's rink in Salmon River.

Their first Controlled Scrimmage was a great one :) Holly has been playing defence, and although she's a little small for defence, her Soccer experience makes her a good one. she stayed in position and had a knack for anticipating where the puck would be. :) She had an awesome soccer coach!

She's done very well and I expect she's going to get much better as this year goes on! lol

Annika had a friend to play with while Holly was playing hockey! Owen's sister plays on Holly's team :)

Scott plays hockey too, for Carter's Chiropractic (where we both are patients lol) in an Old Timer's 4 on 4 league YES I just DID say OLD TIMERS Hahahahahahhahaahahah!

They get a little rough (there's no checking allowed) but I watched this game and Scott didnt get too mouthy, he totally got 2 goals and they won the game :)

It's all ON now! lol Holly is on the ice 2 times today, and most Saturdays! She has a weekly 645 am practice, which Scott will be taking care of at least for the rest of this month! lOL!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Annika is having a good time with the bowling :) She is pretty good at it too, they put up these bumpers so the balls dont go in the gutter and if she is paying attention, not too many even hit the bumpers!
One week it was Buddy Bowling, where they get to take a friend. Annika wanted to take her buddy Chloe, she was so happy that Chloe could come :)

They worked together as a good little pair to bowl 2 strings :)

They are very good friends, going to school together each day and occassionally getting to play outside school time :)
Annika is very lucky to have such great friends :)

Taylor's Choir

Taylor joined the Truro Youth Singers this year :) she loves to sing and needs to put that to good use!
They practice once a week and so far have had 2 concerts! LOL We didnt get to watch the first but we did sneak into the second and they are so good it makes me cry!

This is one of her uniforms, the tartan is Nova Scotia tartan :)

the worst Blogger Ever

Yes, yes that's me! So named by Marjorie, I totally admit to this title! Me! Worst blogger ever!
Likely not ever, but pretty bad for me :D:D:D:D
There's just not really anything new! lol
Lemme see if I can spend a few posts breaking it down :)
school is going really well. The classes are fun and I am getting OUT of the building as much as possible, taking field trips and stuff. Its loads of fun :)

the Vet Tech students are most versatile. We go to lots of different places with them :)
We went to a tour of a beef farm...

It was a seriously hot hot day :) lovely weather
after touring the barns we walked up to the pasture to see the cows and calves

Discovering that cows are not terribly friendly but they are curious to come close and see us :) didnt want to be petted tho!

The next week we visited a wonderful Sheep farm :)
Peanut is a pet sheep but sheep there are raised for meat and wool :)
another awesome weather day, another great trip.

Since then we have visited some dairy cattle and looked at a few pigs. These trips are fun!

In other classes we visited a horse stable and I forgot to take photos. We took feed samples and I forgot to take photos. We dissected small animal reproductive parts and yes, I forgot to take any photos! ;)
Its been loads of fun so far!

What I dont enjoy is the prep takes hours and hours to get ready for each class and trip. It is exhausting and leaves me wanting to do nothing but sleep. So much better at the end of November :)